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rondomedia Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH
Limitenstr. 64-78
41236 Mönchengladbach


Tel.: +49 2166 61866-0
Fax: +49 2166 61866-18
eMail: info(at)rondomedia.com

If you are interested in licensing-deals either if you want to sell or buy a license, please contact Mr. Reinhard Vree at licensing(at)rondomedia.de.

You want to licence your games to us?

rondomedia is the leading casual Game publisher and distributor in the German speaking territory. We also do PC midprice and fullprice titles and games for Nintendo DS and Wii.

If you are interested in bringing your content to the German speaking market our product management, our PR-department and our sales team will take care for your products for the whole lifecycle. You can use us for distribution only (PC or Nintendo, we are certified Nintendo-partner for DS and Wii) or for the whole publishing and distribution process. We do packaging, localization, pr, advertising, special promotion and everything else to make your games successful! rondomedia keeps all listings to guarantee a wide distribution in all relevant market channels. There is no customer with more than 0,5 percent market-share not covered by our sales team (see company profile).

Please contact us if you think that your products fit in our assortment and if you are interested in a long term partnership.

You want to licence from us?

We have the worldwide rights for some of our products – partly already available in  different language versions. Games we sell successfully in the German market are ready for distribution in other countries. We look for local licence partners knowing their business in their country for a close cooperation.

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There are different ways to work with us - we at rondomedia look forward to hear from you.

Your contact:

Reinhard Vree, head of product management
Christian Winkler, product management games

E-Mail: licensing(at)rondomedia.de

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